Comic progress
I've finally begun work on my Jabberwocky comic! I've completed three and a half pages, it's a lot of work and my arm already hurts from drawing. ><; Hopefully it'll be worth it in the end.
Here's a small preview:
I've been wanting experiment with a larger page format as the last comic I printed (about 3-4 years ago) was 'manga digest' size. I wanted to do something a bit larger this time. Hence the four rows of panels a page. :P
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Beamish Boy
I'm trying to stick to just one design, but I keep thinking of new things he could wear. XD;; I like the idea of an oversized raincoat.
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Hello! ;3
I guess the first thing I'll post is drawings inspired by Lewis Carroll's The Jabberwocky; I really love the poem so I've decided to illustrate it in a fancomic.

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